How to grow an unlimited amount of blueberries in your backyard

Blueberries are delicious, whether they are in your favorite smoothie or pie, or simply raw. They are also packed with nutrients and offer a number of health benefits, and this fact makes them a real treasure to have in your backyard.

The most important health benefits of blueberries:

  • Prevent the blood cholesterol damage
  • They contain antioxidants which can help in the fight against cell damage, including cancer. If you consume blueberries on a regular basis, it will lower the DNA damage by 20%.
  • Because they are packed with antioxidants, they boost the memory and encourage the proper function of the brain.
  • They contain very few calories, but are packed with nutrients. Just one cup of blueberries provides 3.6 grams of fiber, 36% of the recommended daily allowance of vitamin K and 24% of vitamin C.
  • Blueberries can lower your blood pressure if you consume them regularly for eight weeks.

Blueberries are also very easy to grow them at home.

First things first. You need to know that blueberry bushes have to be placed on a sunny place, and in a fertile soil. The sunlight supports photosynthesis, which is a vital process when it comes to plant growth.

If you own a garden, you need to plant them in raised beds, in order for the bushes to have the moisture they need. If you live in an apartment however, you can grow a blueberry plant called, dwarf blueberry plant, which can only grow 2 feet in height.

The bushes will need space, so please remember to leave around 3 feet of spacing between each bush.

The optimal time for planting blueberries is spring, so that they can be harvested in July and August. When you plant the blueberries, it is important to for them to be properly hydrated.

When it comes to mulching sawdust is the best choice, and it should be applied two to four inches onto the soil. You can also use grass clipping, pine bark and rind mulch.

When the bush starts growing, you should start pruning it, because that will make the branches stronger and it will ensure the maximal growth of the fruit. Take a scissors or small clippers and remove the dead branches and those at the bottom of the bush.

In order to avoid damage to the plant, you should always use organic fertilizers, because the other ones contain chemicals which can make the fruit unhealthy. You can use Bloodmeal or Cottonseed.

Roughly, in about three years, the bushes will provide fruits that can be harvested.

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