30 going on 20 – easy ways to look younger

All women, regardless of age and position in society, are interested in the question of how to look younger than their age. You can stop the time, and even reverse it. Your hair, hands and skin can look younger, and for this you do not need to resort to plastic surgeons, visit elite beauty salons or spend money on expensive creams.

However, in fact, all you need to know about how to look younger than your age is to study your habits and replace some of them with simple anti-aging tricks. Biological age today does not mean literally nothing – it becomes difficult to guess it.

In fact, many people look even better after 40, as a result of their life experience, which means, both self-confidence and a fulfilled image. If you want to know what you can do to look ten years younger, learn the steps below and start right now:

#1. Oils. Vegetable salad is an ideal dish for a summer lunch or dinner. When you eat greens or vegetables, seasoned with vegetable oil, the body receives the necessary dose of vitamins A and E, as well as a huge amount of antioxidants. Such a diet will make you feel healthier and make your hair and skin beautiful.

#2. Vitamin C. According to experts, this is one of the best ways to look younger. It is proved that vitamin C stimulates the production of collagen, which allows your dermis to remain fresh and beautiful. Do you want to look younger than your age? Then eat more citrus, sweet pepper, strawberries and tomatoes.

#3. Protein. It plays an important role in the process of cell renewal. To make your skin, hair and nails beautiful, it is advisable to add low-fat protein foods to your diet: fish, chicken, eggs, nuts and beans.

#4. Limit face powder. It is an excellent cosmetic, but not in the case when you want to look younger than your age. Do not forget that it clogs your pores, emphasizing your age and dull complexion. To avoid this, it is better to use a light tone.

#5. Bronzer. It can help hide any age changes, in particular freckles and dark spots. In addition, it will give beautiful glow to the skin. This is the perfect makeup for summer! Apply the bronzer on the nose, cheeks and forehead, using a large brush.

#6. Hands. The age of most women can be learned not by the state of their face or hair, but by the way their hands look. That’s why it is important not to forget to use hand cream. Apply it on the skin of the hands twice a day and your hands will always look beautiful.

#7. Makeup. Sure, you do not realize that some makeup techniques emphasize your wrinkles. First of all, pay attention to the color of the decorative cosmetics that you use. If you still have doubts, ask the professionals for help. They know exactly how to make your skin young and radiant!

source: betterme.guru

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