7 things that are making the hands look old

It is true that almost every woman wishes to postpone aging as far as possible. That is why our daily face care routine involves lots of things and consists of various level, but what about the hands? They say if you wish to know woman’s true age – look at her hands. Has it ever occurred to you why?

The thing is that while our face gets all the attention, the hands are a little bit left out and that is what influences the outlook, which can sell out your real age. So, today we are going to tell you about seven things that can actually make your hands look older and thus make you look older in general. Get prepared!

#1. Age Spots

Did you know that age spots are not the definition of old age, they are rather the sign of your increased exposure to the sun? That is when you apply your sunscreen on your face so not forget about your hand in order to prevent the appearance of age spots.

#2. Creepy Skin

When the skin on your hands starts to sag, you should start using special lotion immediately.

#3. Prominent Veins

The only way of getting rid of bulging veins to surgically removed them but that is not the option for everyone. That is why what we can suggest instead is to purchase the masking lotion and apply it regularly so that your hands look younger.

#4. Scaly Skin

Dry skin looks anything but young that is why you need to first exfoliate your hands properly and then moisturize them deeply. It is best to that before going to bed.

#5. Stained Nails

If you notice that your nails are of weird color and it seems to persist, you better pay a visit to a doctor.

#6. Brittle Nails

It happens so that your nails start to become brittle and weak, but there is nothing that a proper course of vitamins wouldn’t fix.

#7. Old Manicure

Nail art is constantly changing that is why you either follow up the trends or stick to the classics. Wearing outdated manicure is something that can also make your hands look old.

source: betterme.guru

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