9 types of pain that point to a problem in a completely different part of the body

It is natural to start to treat the source of pain when anything starts to hurt, isn’t it? But has it ever occurred to you that the body part that hurts you may not be the cause? You may think this weird, but that does not make it any less true the thing I that it happens very often that one part may seem to be in pain while it is something entirely different causing it.

Taking all that into consideration we decided to share with you a list of pain types that define a problem with the completely different area. Last but not least, you should always keep it in mind that self-medication is not always the wisest option ever.

#1 The heart

If you have heart issues, the chest area is not always the one to hurt sometimes your left arm may seem to be the source of pain.

#2 Lungs and diaphragm

When there is something wrong with your lungs or diaphragm, it may present itself as pain in the neck or shoulder area.

#3 Liver

The problems with your liver can also cause the painful feelings near your neck and shoulders and right under your nipple area.

#4 Stomach

If your front and back hurt for no obvious reason, the reason may be the issue with your stomach.

#5 Intestine

Once you feel discomfort in your belly button area that should alarm you and you better check your intestine.

#6 Appendix

Bottom right of your stomach is usually the sign of problems with your appendix.

#7 Kidneys

There are many areas that the issues with kidney may use to present themselves, staring at your back and ending with your legs.

#8 Bladder

The bladder problems present themselves through the pain in your lower abdomen, and you should never ignore them.

#9 Ovaries

Actually any part of your stomach may define the issues with your ovaries when they hurt, but usually you should pay attention to the sharpness of the pain, the issues with ovaries usually cause sharp pain.

source: betterme.guru

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