Reduce Stubborn Belly Fat: 8 Foods You Should Always Avoid

The ability to gain weight from eating high-calorie foods is inherent in humanity at the genetic level. Nature took care of us in those times when we lived like wild animals and ate from time to time. On hunger days, in order not to die, the body was fed with energy from its own reserves.

Now such a problem does not exist, and fatty layers formed in the abdomen from the consumption of high-calorie foods, and it is very difficult to burn them. As you know, to look great, first of all you need to say goodbye to excess pounds.

A huge number of various diets offer us a lot of ways to combat overweight, requiring extraordinary strength of will and threatening to devastate a credit card and a wallet. However, science does not stand still, and scientists are discovering more and more new methods of combating obesity.

One of these ways of losing weight is eating foods that are fat burners and on the contrary to avoid those foods that can make your body store fat. Let’s look at the list of most popular fat storing foods and minimize their consumption:

#1. Flavored Yogurt. It is considered to be a healthy food, however, it contains too much sugar, even more than ice cream. If you can not live without yogurt, choose Greek yogurt. It is much healthier.

#2. Pancake Syrup. They are rich in fructose and sugar, so you will find extra pounds on your belly for sure.

#3. White rice. Purified white rice is easily digested, quickly increases the level of insulin in your body, and as a result, triggers the same chain reaction leading to the deposition of fat at the waist. In addition, rice does not give you the necessary feeling of satiety. As a result, you are ready to eat more than you really need, increasing your caloric intake, and therefore you gain weight.

#4. Granola. It is also better to refuse, since it is rich in simple carbohydrates, in addition, after eating it, the feeling of hunger returns quite quickly.

#5. Bagels. They are usually made of 100% pure wheat flour. Such flour has no nutritional value for our body. Consumption of baked goods from wheat flour of higher grade leads to an increase in the level of sugar and insulin in the blood and promotes the deposition of fat in the waist region. By the way, fresh yeast baked goods also contribute to the increased formation of gases in the stomach. If you can not deny yourself the pleasure of eating a bun, give preference to baking from wholemeal flour.

#6. Dried fruit. Often, fruits are immediately treated with various chemical compositions before drying to give them an external gloss, an attractive appearance, aroma and taste. In addition, this treatment prolongs the shelf life of the product almost threefold.

#7. Soda. Unlike ordinary water with gas, which causes an immediate but short-term swelling of the abdomen, soda and its analogues increase the volume of the waist reliably and permanently. Depending on the type of soda, it may contain sugar, corn syrup or other liquid sweetener. A high sugar content in the liquid form instantly raises the level of insulin in the blood, and there is nothing left to do but to evacuate excess glucose from the blood, urgently reworking it into fat. Guess where this fat will be stored. Correctly: in the abdomen. Do not try to replace the sweet soda with the so-called dietary options. In dietary soda and similar drinks, artificial sweeteners are used instead of natural sources of sucrose. Perhaps they will not add fat to you, but they will not add health either, but rather vice versa.

#8. Nut butters. They are very caloric and contain a lot of sugar. So, eating too much nut butters can lead to overweight. Omega-6 polyunsaturated fatty acids account for up to 30% of all pasta fats. It is believed that an excess of these acids in the diet can trigger the development of inflammation and increase the risk of cardiovascular disease. In addition, with regular consumption of peanut butter in the body, the balance of omega-3 and omega-6 acids is disturbed.

Every woman wants to have a slim figure and a thin waist. However, sometimes representatives of the fair sex keep rigid diets, exercise a lot, and the hateful fat from the belly does not go anywhere. Just try to make some small changes in your diet and you will see how you lose excess pounds. You need to avoid some fat storing foods and replace them with healthy foods.


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