A cheap and easy method do remove the bunion at home

It usually happened that the bunions on the legs are a purely female problem. Bunions do not grow on the men’s legs because the muscles of the male legs are both stronger and more sinewy than ours. They do not understand how many problems and nerves these bunions bring to the beautiful sex – they hurt and you can not wear beautiful shoes, and the leg with a huge protruding bone looks awful.

To talk about recipes that help to remove bunions, you need to understand what these bunions really are. They are nothing more than the most common salts, which, thanks to our calm lifestyle and malnutrition, got into the body and safely deposited in the soles of the feet.

Therefore, it is impossible to remove the bunions on the legs with any ointments. All the ointments only relieve the pain, not causing any affect directly on the salt deposits. Simpler, cheaper and more effective measures are needed.

The following treatment is a simple but very effective prescription for removing bunions on the legs that can help every woman. Required ingredients: oil solution for local application Chlorophyllipt; Dimexide; cotton wool for compress; 5 ml syringe; plastic cup or any other container for making this treatment.


#1. Take a syringe and collect 3 cubes of oil solution Chlorophyllipt. Pour the liquid into a plastic cup or any other clean container.

#2. Next, you need to feel a syringe with 1 cube of Dimexide and mix the drug with Chlorophyllipt.

#3. Apply the medicated mixture to a cotton swab and place it on the bone. This procedure should be done in the morning and in the evening, keeping the compress for 15 minutes.

If a bone grows on the leg and you sometimes feel pain and discomfort in this area, be sure to try this great recipe. Having made such a compress in the evening, the next morning you will feel relief! All thanks to the miraculous anti-inflammatory effect of drugs.

source: betterme.guru

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