How the birth month influences every woman’s personality

The desire to look into a book of fate of sorts, or different types of horoscopes, is well-justified, since we’re always eager to get to know those around us, and even ourselves, better. We think it’s a common thing to notice that our girl friends who bear different names and were born in different years but who share a common month of birth still resemble each other to some extent. It’s no surprise, because the month of birth has a role on a woman’s character. In the article below, we’ll list the traits typical for each month of the year.

#1. Ladies born in January are ambitious, serious and kind of conservative. These women tend to criticize others and keep their feelings to themselves. January ladies like socializing but are more open among people with similar takes on life and IQ level.

#2. Ladies born in February are often more romantic by nature, but, because of their mood swings, those close to them have to be especially patient. Guys have to be careful around them, as February ladies love and value their freedom and expect loyalty from their partners.

#3. The onset of Springtime is often associated with happiness, that’s why March ladies are charismatic and charming. They are very loyal partners. But their charm will disappear in an instant should you harm a March lady!

#4. Meanwhile, April ladies are born diplomats with awesome communication skills. However, April ladies are prone to jealousy and over-sensitivity, so be careful once you gain her trust. A romantic union with an April lady, who is typically capable of harbouring deep feelings, will be a happy one.

#5. Ladies born in May are insistent, rarely do they sacrifice their principles. May ladies tend to maintain their physical health so they are really fit, but their character is tough.

#6. Those born in June are known for their natural curiosity, creativity, and communication skills. These ladies are straightforward and truthful, which, of course, isn’t to everyone’s liking; on the other hand, June ladies don’t gossip behind people’s back. They love power and know how to manipulate their partners.

#7. Know a lady born in July? Then you’ve probably noticed that she’s smart, honest, beautiful and mysterious. These ladies don’t like conflicts but at the same time are honest, so they demand the same from those around them. July ladies don’t tolerate cheating or lying, they aren’t always easy to understand, but they are certainly very special and attractive.

#8. August ladies often are a combination of opposing traits, such as egoism, self-love, and a big loving heart that is always open to everyone. They easily win arguments. Their partners love them and are ready to do anything for them.

#9. September ladies don’t forgive easily and are always ready to retaliate. Their main character traits are friendliness, inner and outer beauty, and discipline. They don’t like temporary relationships and choose their partner carefully.

#10. October ladies don’t wear their hearts on their sleeves. They are strong and smart. They rely on themselves and rarely trust anyone in fears of betrayal, but thanks to this, they eventually fulfill their goals.

#11. The wit and insight of November ladies helps them recognize deceit in an instant. These ladies will tell you what they think about you without holding back. November ladies are hellbent on achieving their goals.

#12. December girls are known for their impatience, seldom can they tell good from bad, but eventually, they turn any situation for their benefit. December ladies have a kind heart that is always open to others.

Our article will help you get to know yourself, your friend or partner better, but bear in mind that these are just some of the character traits. So don’t forget to trust your gut as well!


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