4 healthy lifestyle myths

Now there is a popular trend aimed at popularizing a healthy lifestyle. However, not all healthy rules give great result. What myths about healthy life still exist in society? A healthy lifestyle is wonderful, because it guarantees life without diseases, a beautiful figure and a healthy body.

Today, the right food is at the height of popularity. More and more people become adherents of a healthy lifestyle and abandon bad habits. However, recently there are more and more bends in this matter and people, of course, follow them.

Although a number of rules, in principle, do not apply to health, because they are useless. The more popular this topic becomes, the more and more myths appear around it. It is not so easy to understand a large flow of information.

#1. Juices. This misconception is widespread most widely. So, people sincerely think that fresh juices are a real source of health and drink them for breakfast, and as snacks. Actually this is not true. After all, the juice is a concentrated substance, and it contains a lot of fruit acids, from which the stomach will not be delighted for sure.

#2. Complex multivitamins should be taken twice a year. Many women consistently take vitamin courses twice a year. In fact, this occupation is useless. Why is it so? There are two reasons: firstly, the body absorbs at once a lot of vitamins and minerals very hard. Secondly, not all vitamins are necessary to you.

#3. Yolks can not be eaten. Previously, there was an opinion that the cholesterol, which is contained in egg yolks, is able to raise the level of cholesterol in the blood of a person. To date, scientists have proved that this belief is nothing more than just a myth. So, cholesterol, contained in food, can not affect the cholesterol in the blood.

#4. After 6 pm the refrigerator should be closed. Just a few years ago, most people who follow the figure were sure that after 6 pm you can not eat, as this will negatively affect the figure. Many adhere to this rule even today. In fact, this is not so. The main pledge of a beautiful figure is a rapid metabolism.

source: betterme.guru

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