5 vitamins and minerals, which the body usually lacks and where to find them

Due of the modern rhythm of life, stress and unbalanced nutrition, we often experience a shortage of vital trace elements. They are necessary for the proper functioning of the body. The body needs constant intake of vitamins and minerals. It is important that all useful components come in the right amount and all the time.

To maintain all life processes a person needs to take daily biologically active substances – vitamins and trace elements. These compounds are not synthesized in the human body, so they should be consumed from the food. In this regard, the diet should be the most diverse, because these or other vitamins and minerals are contained in different foods.

The modern person eats too much carbohydrate, high-calorie food, and there is a clear deficit in protein, polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and microelements. There is a list of vitamins, which people can not have enough, and the foods that will help to compensate their deficiency:

#1. Potassium. It normalizes pressure, water balance and the work of nerve cells. If you consume not enough potassium, you can have arrhythmia, fragile bones, depression, renal insufficiency. Eat more potatoes, spinach and dried fruits.

#2. Fiber. It can lower blood sugar level, cleanse the body and speed up the metabolism. Lack of fiber can lead to diabetes, high cholesterol level and constipation. Eat more beans, berries and quinoa.

#3. Calcium. It provides healthy teeth, bones, proper brain work and improves blood. Eat more broccoli, almonds and dairy products to prevent caries, heart diseases or osteochondrosis.

#4. Vitamin D. Your body needs it to assimilate vitamin K and magnesium, to have better immunity system and to increase your energy. If you want not to catch colds often, not to have insomnia and to prevent osteochondrosis, eat more salmon and tuna.

#5. Iron. It normalizes the work of your thyroid gland and improves the metabolism. If the level of iron in not enough in the body, you can have dry skin, weight loss, week nails and anemia. Eat more oysters, beef and chicken liver.

source: betterme.guru

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