The 4 things that prevent getting enough sleep

Good sleep greatly improves the quality of life, while sleep disturbances undermine a person’s health. Some things do not allow us to get enough sleep, even if we do not realize it. The constant lack of sleep makes us feel broken and tired right after awakening. In addition, lack of sleep is one of the main reasons for weight gain.

When you have plunged into your work, there is usually no time and energy to control your sleep. Moreover, often this process does not work out at all, and if the work is a favorite and exciting, for a full rest and sleep less and less time is spent.

Even if you get to go to bed on time, sleep still does not bring the desired relief and the morning is still not so kind. This is despite the fact that you allocate the sleep time – 8 hours. What could be the reasons? Let’s start speaking about coffee.

Caffeine in any form worsens the quality of sleep and makes it more superficial, and even for those who believe that a cup of coffee does not prevent them from sleeping. Decrease consumption of products containing caffeine in the afternoon. The next reason is the fact you do not have a sleeping regimen.

Accustom the body to a certain sequence of actions: for example, take a warm shower (not too cold and not too hot), listen to music. However, it is better to refuse taking a hot bath: it will speed up the metabolism, and it will be much more difficult to fall asleep. Also, scientists have established that the ideal position for a comfortable sleep, which, in addition, stimulates digestion is to sleep on the left side. Now, look at other four important reasons that can make you sleep not well:

#1. Alcohol. Some people believe that there is nothing wrong in one glass of wine before going to bed, but the researchers found that alcohol breaks the quality of the fast sleep phase, which prevents the sleep put 7-8 hours. Moreover, alcohol can cause more serious sleep disorders, so it is desirable to be extremely careful with it. Often the inability to fall asleep comes after a desire to relax in the evening. So, the whole question with the dose of alcohol: if you drank a glass of wine or 50 ml of cognac, then you will fall asleep like a baby. If the dose is exceeded, or you choose something stronger, then you can not fall asleep for long. Especially, if you eat fatty foods along with alcohol. Therefore, either do not drink in the evenings, or control the dose of the drink.

#2. Gadgets. Many people continue to communicate on the phone, send SMS or play games in bed, but the light emanating from the screens of electronic devices, violates circadian rhythms and does not give a normal sleep. The habit of surfing the net before bed will necessarily lead to the fact that you can not sleep properly. Doctors say, if you have such a habit, it threatens chronic problems with sleep. Therefore, you can use a computer, a smartphone or a tablet an hour before bedtime. After this, the body needs rest to tune in to sleep. If you can not sleep in silence, it is better to watch TV. It is also not very good, but not as critical as a tablet in your hands.

#3. Hunger. You can not go to bed when you want to eat. First, it is stress for the body, as it does not have the resources to sustain life, and secondly, the feeling of hunger will ruin your sleep, and in the morning you will get out of bed sluggish and not rested. Always have dinner 1,5-2 hours before bedtime. This time is enough for the food to digest, and at the same time, the body had a night energy reserve. After all, if you think that while you sleep your body does not burn calories – you are mistaken. It burns them actively even at night.

#4. Emotional raise. If you are emotionally aroused before you go to sleep, you can forget about deep sleep. Emotional overexcitement causes the body to produce hormones that are not comparable to sleep. So, do not read violently violent books, and do not look overly exciting movies that make you get involved emotionally. It is better to choose entertaining shows, serials or comedies for good sleep. As for books, classic books are ideal to read in the evening.


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