What the last digit of the birth year reveals about personality

Do you know that the year of birth can say a lot more about you than just how old you are? The thing is that the last digits of your birth year are very important and can say a lot about your personality just like your horoscope sign.

Every digit is connected with one of five elements and judging by it you can learn something new about yourself. That is why in case learning new things sound like you we invite you to have a closer look at what we got here. Who knows maybe this new information will help you discover the new you and will help you change your life for better? So, let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Metal (0-1)

You are pretty flexible and good at concentration. What is more you usually in need for personal space. You value your freedom, and you do not like to listen to someone’s advice or opinion. You are more than willing to offer a helping hand, but you never ask for help yourself. You are ambitious and that will lead you to success, besides you long for public appreciation. As for your love life – it is complicated because you wish for a partner to fully accept you for who you are and that is not that easy.

Water (2-3)

You are sensitive and creative but a little bit too controlling. People tend to trust you since you have the ability to calm them down through talking. You are loyal and tolerable, but you need to be careful of people who may want to use you.

Wood (4-5)

You are strong like wood, and you always try to better yourself whenever there is a chance. You are active and positive, and that is what takes you when times get tough.

You are great at making decisions and organizing things that are why your colleagues adore you. When it comes to your love life, you will do anything to protect those you love.

The only weakness is that you tend to work too much.

Fire (6-7)

It is all about the love and adventure for you. You are very passionate, but when it comes to working, you know how to be cold-blooded and how to rule. You are always full of ideas; the only downside is that you are very easy to lose your temper and not everyone may be able to put up with this.

Earth (8-9)

You are a perfectionist when it comes to anything. You give out great pieces of advice, and you take responsibility for all the actions. You are ruled by the logic that is why you are great at business.

When it comes to a relationship the only thing you can’t stand are lies, once deceived you never tend to trust that person. As for the weakness yours is to over control everything.

source: betterme.guru

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